• Accredited by NAAC
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
  • Approved by AICTE, New Delhi
  • Affliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi
  • Ranked by ARIIA 2020


Sri Sairam College of Engineering central library has emerged as a centre of attraction with its modern library features, state of the art facilities, and updated collections.

It has crossed many milestones, and developmental stages, by its continuous resource enrichment, continuous infrastructural developments, and on-time implementation of new technologies.
We always strive to attain excellence through continual improvements in all spheres.

Main features of SSEC library is:
1Fully automated with OPAC facility
2Enriched with vast and useful collections
3Fully bar-coded for fast and accurate transactions
4User friendly: with fully open access, and well organized arrangement.
5Infrastructural Well Developed, good ventilation and ambience.
6Good services with experienced and dedicated staff
7Networked with other libraries through DELNET
8Digital Library – World Reputed E-Resources.
9Member of VTU E – Consortium.
10Resource Enriched Institutional Repositore.

We always strive to attain excellence through continual improvements in all spheres.

VTU Question Papers


Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
III Semester IV Semester
V SemesterVI Semester
VII SemesterVIII Semester

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
III - Semester IV - Semester
V - Semester VI - Semester
VII - Semester VIII - Semester

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)
III - Semester IV - Semester
V - Semester VI - Semester
VII - Semester VIII - Semester

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (MECH)
III - Semester IV - Semester
V - Semester VI - Semester
VII - Semester VIII - Semester

First Year (For all branches)

First Year (For all branches)
I & II SEM Physics Cycle I & II SEM Chemistry Cycle
Engg.Mathematics Management and Entrepreneurship



Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
III - SemesterIV - Semester
V - SemesterVI - Semester
VII - SemesterVIII - Semester

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
III - SemesterIV - Semester
V - SemesterVI - Semester
VII - SemesterVIII - Semester

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)
III - SemesterIV - Semester
V - SemesterVI - Semester
VII - SemesterVIII - Semester

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (MECH)
III - SemesterIV - Semester
V - SemesterVI - Semester
VII - SemesterVIII - Semester

First Year (For all branches)

First Year (For all branches)
I & II SEM Physics CycleI & II SEM Chemistry Cycle
Engg.MathematicsManagement and Entrepreneurship


DELNET is a professional library network. It networked most of the national and international libraries. Delnet collects library databases (details about books, journals, CDs, and other resources available in the library) of all its member libraries and prepares union catalogue of all the records and made it available on its website to its member institutions. We shall search the records; if any book or other type of documents available in any other library is required for our use, shall borrow for short period through inter library loan service of DELNET. Click on below link for more details

DELNET url : www.delnet.in/

Login to union catalog use is password controlled. Users shall contact librarian for user name and pass ward.


Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI)
We are member of CMTI library

About CMTI

Central Manufacturing Technology Institute’, CMTI, is a Research & Development organisation focusing on providing ‘Technology Solutions’ to the manufacturing sector and assisting technological growth in the country. CMTI plays a key role in applied research, design and development (RD&D), technology forecasting, assimilation and dissemination of manufacturing technology to Indian industries.

Privileges for students and faculty under the membership

Click here to View


NAME OF E-RESOURCE PACKAGEURLType resources Accessible
IEEE Explore Digital Libraryhttp://www.ieeexplore.ieee.orge-journals, conference proceedings, standards
Springer e bookshttp://link.springer.com/e-journals & e-books
Elsevier Science Direct journal & Elsevier e-bookshttp://www.sciencedirect.com/e-journals & e-books
Taylor & Francishttp://www.crcnetbase.com/E-books
McGrahill E-bookshttp://mcgrawhilleducation.pdn.ipublishcentral.com/e-books
New Age international e-bookshttps://digital.elib4u.com/e-books
Packt e-bookshttps://prod.packtpub.com/in/e-books
KNimbus Cloud based remote accesshttps://www.knimbus.com/vtu.htmlFacility for accessing e-resources outside our campus
Turnitin Plagiarism Checking softwarehttps://www.turnitin.com/Gate books, Gate solved papers, Course related e-books, and Course materials
Sententia  a tool for English writing and grammar checking https://sententia.onlinea tool for English writing and grammar checking

Above packages are providing full text of e-books and e-journals.

Access is IP based, hence users can access the services through any system connected to internet within the campus.

Open Access Links

Membership :

Library membership is compulsory for all users in order to use the library. Fill-in library membership application, attach 2 recent stamp size photos to get library membership.

 Borrowing Previlege: 
All Students3 Books
SC/ST/Student6 Books (3 general + 3 Book Bank)
Top Ten Students5 Books (3 general + 2 Book Bank)
Faculty8 Books
Staff2 Books

Library timings: 
Library timings:8.30 am to 8.30 pm (during vacation also)
Circulation counter9 a.m.to 5 pm
Reference section8.30 am to 8.30 pm (during vacation also)
Other sections :8.30 am to 8.30 pm

Reference Books
Books under reference section have to be referred inside the library and will not be issued to home.

Duration of loan:
Library books are issued for a period of 15 days. However, librarian reserves the right to ask the borrower to return the library documents before due date during specific times. In such cases Users must return the borrowed documents immediately.

Renewal of borrowed books:
Users shall renew the books after due date only if the book is not on demand by other users.

Reservation of library books:
If the required book(s) is under circulation users can reserve the book in reservation register and to follow with the library staff. Library staff will take back the reserved book when it comes for return or renewal and issue the book to the reserved students.

Over due charges:
A penalty of Rs.1/-per day per book will be levied for books returned after the due date in order to get books in time and make them available for other users.

Loss of library material:
In case any user lost the borrowed library document; he/she should bring it to the notice of the librarian immediately in writing.

The borrower has to replace the document with same title (title & author should be same) within the time permitted by the librarian.
If the book is not available in market, the borrower has to pay double the cost of the Lost book.
If the lost document is of multivolume in nature, the defaulter will have to replace the Entire set of volumes.
If the document is rare document in nature, the defaulter has to pay three times the cost of the book.

Care of library materials:
Library resources are costly and often rare. They are for benefit of not only present users but also for the future users. Therefore the users must take absolute care of the borrowed documents. The books should be returned intact.
The users should not:

1Wrote upon, damage, turn down the leaves, remove pages and mark upon any library materials.
2Before leaving the circulation counter the borrower should check whether the library materials lent to them is in good condition. In case of damage, they Should immediately bring it to the notice of the library staff at the counter. Otherwise they will be held responsible for replacement of the materials or Pay such compensation as fixed by the Librarian in event of any damages to the Library document.

Issue of library books for examination:
All students shall borrow and use library books as usual during odd semester examination. At the end of each academic year i.e. before starting of even semester examination, those students who have no arrears (including previous semesters) shall use books as usual, where as students who have arrears have to return their all library borrowings and get no dues from library which is mandatory for getting their hall tickets.

Those students who need to use library books for their exams shall take three books (maximum) by depositing double the cost of the book(s), the same amount will be returned back upon returning of the borrowed books.

However reference service will be functioning always.

General Rules
1Every user has to login by scanning their ID in the system at library entrance while entering library.
2Users have to enter the details of the books in the reference register while reading books inside the library.
3Readers shall maintain an atmosphere of quietness and dignity inside the library.
4Cell phones are strictly prohibited in the library
5Sleeping in the library is strictly prohibited.
6No refreshments/foodstuff of any kind shall be consumed anywhere inside the library.
7Library staff will not be responsible for reader's belongings.
8Do not strew papers on the floor/ table. Use litter basket.
9Do not write upon the furniture and disturb their arrangement.
10Please switch off the fans in use while leaving the place.
11Replace newspapers, journals & magazines at their appropriate place after usage.
12The librarian shall refuse admission to anyone infringing the rules and regulations of the library or for indulging in any misconduct.

Professional Staff Member

Sl NoName of the StaffQualificationDesignation
1Rathna.PMLISc, Ph.DLibrarian
2Suma.SMLIScLibrary Assistant
3Bhagya Lakshmi.RBLIScLibrary Assistant

Supporting Staff

Sl NoName of the StaffQualificationDesignation
1Basavaraju.M.CP U CLibrary Attender
2Vijay Kumar.MS S L CLibrary Attender
Name P. Rathna
Designation :Head of the Department
Qualification:MLISc, Ph.D
Area of Specialization:Emerging Technology Applications in Libraries, Skills and competencies of library staff, Library Services, Library Best practices, Academic Libraries.
Experience:24 years
Number of Seminar/ Conferences16
Papers Presented03
Paper Published03

Library Services

Types of information resources in Sairam College Of Engineering library :

  • Print Resources
  • E-Resources
  • Books
  • e-books
  • journals & Magazines
  • e-journals & Magazines
  • VTU question papers -hard copy
  • VTU question papers soft copy
  • Project reports
  • CDs
I. Reference service:
Will provide books to refer inside the library. One copy of all the titles has kept for reference. Apart from that we have good collection of reference books like Encyclopedia Britannica, dictionaries, thesaurus, some standard technical titles. 
II.Circulation service:
Will provide books for issue, guide users to select suitable books, take steps for proper circulation of books, monitoring of overdue books and alerting users about over dues, taking reservation entries and follow-up with borrowers to take back the books in-time and provide it to reserved users etc.
III.Periodical Services:
A good number of journals and magazines both technical and general in nature are subscribed to library. Latest issues will be displayed as and when received. Follow-up with suppliers for recovering missing issues.
IV.new arrivals service
As soon as new books and other resources are received to the library, information will be send to departments and will be displayed on library notice board.
V.Question paper services:
VTU Question papers from the year 1998 to till date, are maintained subject wise in multiple copies and will be provided to users to take photocopies. The softcopy of question papers are available on library website which is downloadable.
VI. Project report services:
One copy of Students projects of all previous years are maintained in library and providing for reference.
VII.CD-Rom services:
Our CDs collection includes purchased CDs, CDs accompanied with purchased books and journals. CDs will provide to refer through library systems
VIII. Book Bank
We have about 700 books in SC/ST book bank scheme. SC/ST students are entitled to borrow 3 additional books from book bank
IX.News paper clippings service
Important and relevant information published in dailies will be displayed on notice board regularly
X.Reprographic service
Xerox facility (only library books and other library material) are provided to students at lower charges
XI.Digital Library
Separate digital library section with useful digital content and 7 computer systems, scanning and browsing facility is available.
S.NoParticularsCategoryTotal Quantity
2Periodicals (Print)JournalsNational36



VTU E- Consortium
Springer- e- journals - 1300
Springer- e- Books - 15000
IEL online – journals & Magazines
Taylor & Francis – CRC Press – e-books
Taylor & Frasncis – e-journals + E-books
Proquest e-journals
Kopykitab VTU Cloud Library
Sententia ¬ a tool for English writing and grammar checking
Knimbus digital library
Cloud based remote access
e-journal – 8611

conference proceedings – 6514

standards – 3043

e-books - 16041
5Students Projects
6Bound Volumes
7VTU Question PapersSoft Copy + Hard Copy – Starting From 1998 to Till DateStarting From 1998 to Till Date
8News Paper