• Accredited by NAAC
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
  • Approved by AICTE, New Delhi
  • Affliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi
  • NIRF Innovations 2023


Name : Lt. Manjunatha K N.
Designation : Associate NCC Officer

  • Completed N.C.C TSC-THAL SAINIK CAMP Karnataka and Goa DIRECTORATES in Delhi in the year of 2006.
  • Completed “C” Certificate with “A” Grade


About NCC

National Cadet corps is a Tri-Services Organisation comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth – ‘The Leaders of Tomorrow‘ – into disciplined and patriotic citizens.

  • NCC of Sri Sairam College of Engineering started in 2021 is been attached to 8 KARNATAKA BATTALION NCC BENGALURU “B” GROUP, Karnataka & Goa Directorate and has total strength of 50 SD & SW cadets.
  • All the activities of NCC will start at the beginning of new academic year in the month of August/September.
  • Totally 20 parades will be conducted on Saturdays and general holidays for the enrolled cadets, not disturbing the academics of the students.
  • During the parade time various activities like Drill, Weapon Training and Theory classes on military subjects will be conducted to the students.

NCC has undoubtedly stood as the foremost club in SSCE that fosters the overall development of each of its cadet in every field one can name-be it sports, academics, cultural activities or adventure activities. NCC has made an indelible mark in all of it. The humble growth of NCC in SSCE from just a club that lacked luster to a group that brought glory to the institution and pride in each and every person belonging to the institution.

Camps and Training


Total training period for SD and SW is 3 years with an extension of 1 year permissible & training. Every cadet of the Senior Division has to undergo service training for a period of at least 4 hours per week during the training year. However, no training is carried out during periods when the college or school through which a cadet is enrolled is closed for a vacation. Every cadet of the Senior Division has undergo service training for a minimum period of 75% of total hours during the annual college session. Every cadet attends an annual training camp of 10–15 days, also known Every cadet have attend minimum one camp to appear for ‘B’ Certificate exam and two camps ‘C’ Certificate exam. At the end of the camp training the cadets receive a certificate of successful completion.


A variety of oppurtunities to attend the camps and improvise in every aspect of a person’s personality is given in NCC. Some of the Camps include

  • Republic Day Camp (RDC)
  • National Integration Camp (NIC)
  • Basic Leadership Camp (BLC)
  • Advance leadership Camp (ALC)
  • Army Attachment Camp
  • Combined Annual Training Camps (CATC)
  • Hiking And Trekking Camps
  • Thal Sainik Camp (TSC)
  • Vayu Sainik Camp(VSC)
  • Nau Sainik Camp(NSC)
  • Rock Climbing Camps (RCC)
  • Youth Exchange Programme (YEP)



  • NCC recruitments with the start of academic year. Enrolment begins in the 2nd or 3rd week of August every year.
  • Students who are interested in joining NCC can register their names at the college using the NCC registration link https://forms.gle/ptkd4wMz87JFXUtT9
  • The interested students will have to fill in a form provided to them.
  • These students will be called for recruitment to test their physical fitness and other criteria to be fulfilled to join NCC.
  • The students will be interviewed by the ANO and the Senior Under Officer and the selected cadets will be notified.

Certificate Examinations

There are Three Certificates in NCC. Below describes about it from lower value to higher value:

  • Certificate “A”: It can be written by JD/ JW cadets of NCC, cadets of class 8 & 9. After passing those classes it can’t be obtained. The candidate must have attended a minimum 75% of total training periods laid down in the syllabus for the first & second years of JD/JW NCC (All Wings). The candidate must have attended one Annual Training Camp.
  • Certificate “B”: It can be written by SD / SW cadets of NCC, cadets after class 10 & those studying for +2, +3 or Degree college. In the second year of training, they can appear for the same. The candidate must have attended a minimum 75% of total training periods laid down in the syllabus for the first & second years of SD/SW NCC (All Wings). He/she must have attended one Annual Training Camp/NIC. Cadets possessing ‘A’ certificate will be awarded 10 bonuses marks.
  • Certificate – “C”: It is the Most important certificate for NCC cadet. Now it can be written in the 3rd year of training, in the 3rd year of degree course / those having “B” certificate can write it in the first year after his +2 and in the 1st year of degree by SD / SW cadets only. The candidate must be possessing a ‘B’ certificate. Must have attended two ATCs or one ATC and in addition to it RD Camp Delhi, TSC Camp Delhi, Centrally Organised Camp, Para Training Camp, Army Attachment Training with service units, National Integration Camp, Youth Exchange Programme, Foreign Cruise (Navy).
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