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Title of the Project:


Team Leader:

  • Darshan N K

Team Members:

  • Purandarraj S
  • Monissh Babu K
  • Hemanth C Reddy

Faculty advisors:

  • Dr. Sivasakthi Balan
  • Prof. Muthuvel.A
  • Prof. Harish Babu L

Various Events Participation details:

  • Anveshana 2018- Organized by Agastya Foundation held at Bangalore

Achievements of the Project:

  • Won Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College, Fatehgarh Sahib National Award for Best B. Tech. Project from Engineering Colleges related to Sustainable Development (Mechanical Engg. & Production Engg.) from ISTE.
  • Project selected for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Center (IEDC) grants of Rs.1, 00,000 from the Sri Sairam College Engineering IEDC cell.
  • Project recorded in the Indian Book of Records and World Book of Records
  • Won 2nd position in the Sri Sairam College of Engineering project expo 2016.
  • Won overall second position in Anveshana 2018- Organized by Agastya Foundation held at Bangalore with Rs.25000 cash prize.

Brief description of the project:

  • Present Day Rescue Systems, majority of the children were dead before they could be rescued with only 7 out of the 48 children being recovered safely.
  • There are various factors that limit the rescue operation is such scenarios.
  • Traditional rescue method used to find the depth of child is with the help of a rope.
  • In normal rescue operation carried out by the army, a pit is initially dug parallel to the bore well and a horizontal path to the location of the child is caved through.
  • This is a highly time consuming process as well as risky to both, the rescuer and rescue.
  • The soil has to be stiff since loose structure will result in the cave collapsing.
  • Moreover, it involves a lot of energy, Manpower and resources which are easily available everywhere.
  • Throughout the entire process, there is high risk for the rescuer and rescue.

Social relevance of the project:

      • This machine has been designed to rescue the trapped child from the bore well. But its unique capability to drive inside the cylindrical object (pipe) makes it possible to serve in the following areas.

    As bore well child saver: – The main application of the machine is in the rescue operation of the child from the bore well.

    As Pipe cleaning machine: – This machine can be used in pipe cleaning. It can drive through long pipes and with a rotary brush as an end effecter fitted at front will serve the cleaning operation of dirty pipes. As the inside surface of the pipes may be wet and slippery the high quality wheels are capable to grip on the wet surface.

    As pipe inspection machine: – In pipe manufacturing industries the final product is required to go through inspection process for quality control and prevent any leakage in pipes or any oil, gas pipe lines are to be surely free from any kind of leakage and damage as it may cause huge destruction if any kind of accidents takes place. This inspection machine loaded with special inspection instruments like sensors, x-ray are capable to inspect pipes, thus can detect any kind of defect which may be the reason for a serious accidents.

    Photographs of the project:

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