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Science and Humanities

Department of Science and Humanities:

The Department of Science and Humanities proves to be the foundation for the engineering studies. It lays a sturdy foundation for the scholastic expansion of the students. It encompasses the other Departments like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and physical education as well. All the 1st years students’ scholastic accomplishments are manoeuvred and administered by the Department. . The Faculty constantly exhibit intense concern to inspire the students to contribute in assorted aspects like workshop, seminar, conference and symposium and in presenting papers in conferences / Seminars etc.,


The Department of Mathematics collaborates efficiently with other Departments in the college in gratifying the assignment of the college. The magnificent assortment of applications of Mathematics in the core prospectus of the Engineering and Technological disciplines is taught with exceptional prominence on the practical significance of applications. No effort is spared to facilitate the students to comprehend their goals of acquiring the better characteristics of mathematical knowledge along with professional Degree. Department of Mathematics is committed and dedicated to efficiently communicate the fine Mathematical knowledge to students of Engineering, which serve as a foundation for their engineering studies, and enable them to excel in their knowledge and life as well. It is also committed to guide the SSECians to realize the Mathematical, Logical and Scientific potential in them to magnify their capacity to comprehend abstract perceptions and articulate them in concise and accurate language.


The Department of Physics inferred the knowledge of first year B.E. It proffers Engineering physics courses for the 1st and 2nd semester undergraduate Engineering programmes of assorted disciplines. The department provides a sturdy foundation for the Engineering students. It also provides practical knowledge to the students by offering practical physics courses significant to the theoretical physics. Physics is the science of how things work concerning day to day life. The field of physics lies behind all the technologies. Physics is a combination of experiments and theory based on mathematical laws and models, and computation often used to adhere the theory and experiment together. The physics faculty is highly motivated to do research work. The mission of the organization is to produce thousands of potential engineers consistently everyyear.


The Department of Chemistry has eminent, dedicated and qualified faculties in different areas of General, Applied and Analytical Chemistry. Chemistry Department has safety measures and is located in most eco-friendly environment.The department is conceited to produce exceedingly excellent results in the University examinations. Chemistry department has incredibly, well established and Exclusive laboratory facilities; on focusing with this facility for the potential engineers are well proficient in the practicalunderstanding.


The Department of English is constantly striving for enrichment of the language and providing in depth aesthetic knowledge and an eagerness to appreciate the language in its ingenuity to the students who come here to avail themselves of the course. Language laboratory is established to communicate the English language through a contemporary language laboratory facilitate the students to perform well in GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, GATE, BEC, and other competitive and entrance examinations. This multimedia lab installed with indispensable software is to improve their LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) proficiency, also to facilitate them to hone their communication skills, proficiency in Spoken English with the Elements and Components of English language, Business English and vocabulary, Group Discussions, Interview skills, Mock Interviews, personal interviews etc., the Department meticulously trains and guides the students to excel in assorted competitions organized by varied organizations.