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  • Affliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi
  • NIRF Innovations 2023

We are starting our exciting journey in the year of 2021, with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Engineering. The primary focus of the course is to impart budding engineers with a spectacular array of courses dedicated to frontiers in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML), promote their problem-solving skills and innovation of new technologies introducing new developments. The 4-year full-time program presents exposure to hands-on technologies to create applications and solutions for the world that we live in.

This special B.E Program is designed to enable students to build Intelligent Machines, Software, or Applications with a cutting-edge combination of Machine Learning, Analytics and Visualization technologies. The main goal of this course is to make the students capable to program the computers to use the data and experience to solve a given problem. Machine Learning helps Artificial Intelligent Systems to figure out solutions to problems by linking similar data for future use. There are many applications for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, such as social media, healthcare, e-commerce, weather forecast, traffic monitoring, etc.

This program is meant for the students who want to acquire the ability to design intelligent solutions to problems in a variety of domains and business applications and fields such as natural language processing, text mining, robotics, reasoning and problem-solving. There is a big demand for professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning or Deep Learning and data science in the near future.