• Accredited by NAAC & NBA
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
  • Approved by AICTE, New Delhi
  • Affliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi
  • NIRF Innovations 2023

About the Department

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is established in the year 1997 at the time of institution inception, with the approval of AICTE and affiliation to Visvesvaraya Technological University, has set in an open, student friendly atmosphere. We have a fine blend of dynamic and experienced faculty who provide quality education at UG level. With VISVESVARAYA TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Choice based curriculum, the Department places equal emphasis on theoretical and practical domains of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The laboratories are highly modernized to reflect the rapidly changing trends in technology. The Department has well qualified faculty and excellent facilities for research. The faculty and students have publications in the reputed National and International Journals with good citations.

Electrical Engineering is an ever green discipline of engineering which focuses on generation, distribution and utilization of electrical power supported by rational change in the applied electronics. Electrical engineers generally design, develop, test, supervise and specialize in the manufacture of electrical equipment accommodating the latest technologies like PLC, software based controls, VR, robotics, artificial intelligence in creating unmanned controls in applications. Some of the equipments include electric motors; machinery controls, automation in all sectors, lighting, and wiring for energy efficient buildings; automotives, mechatronics, power generation, controlling and transmission devices used by electric utilities, tractions, signal processing and control systems . The study of interdisciplinary engineering subjects based on curriculum design makes the electrical engineer a versatile one. The thrust in the areas like HVDC, MEMS control and intelligent systems, signals, embedded systems, clean energy, have created a room for research.

Job opportunities

Electrical engineering has immense potential. Obtaining an engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering will open the door to many opportunities. In today’s high-tech world, this engineering degree is a great foundation for careers in traditional engineering fields as well as for careers in industries, software and hardware, management, sales, government, PSUs, healthcare, research, academics, Defense, consultancy and more. A recent survey conducted by the Association of Electrical Engineers says that there will be a requirement of more than 2, 00,000 EEE graduates every year in India alone.


The laboratory infrastructure of the department is excellent with state of art equipments and software related to the field of Engineering. The extensive facilities available in the laboratories which could be utilized for research work, in addition to the lab courses as per the affiliating University requirement for UG.

The department has spacious ICT enabled classrooms, seminar hall, well-equipped laboratories, project building labs. The department has a dedicated computer lab with 40 systems, all in a networked environment with un- interrupted power supply and high speed wi-fi connectivity.

The role of a library is critical in making a knowledgeable society. In view of this the department functions with a library with a collection of standard books for the faculty and students to refer and enhance their knowledge. The department Library collection also includes NPTEL videos, e-resources in various subjects as per the academic syllabus.